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Airflow Services can aid you in the best selection of equipment to suit your application be it a small shop or a large office area. The company offers a range of services including supply and Installation of complete commercial and domestic ventilation systems. Our previous projects include supply and installation of Air handling units, Heat recovery ventilation units and Ducted fan coil units.

We have extensive knowledge in the design of ventilation distribution systems. We also supply and install a range of ventilation distribution products including volume control dampers, fire dampers, supply diffusers, extract grilles, wall louvers. We also offer through our partner controls specialist a full control solutions package.

Air Handling Units

Airflow Services have considerable experience in the Design, Installation and Commissioning of Ventilation systems. Previous Installations would include Air Handling units manufactured by Daikin, Mark Eire, Flaktwoods and Dannan We are a main distributer for Daikin whose AHU’s are based on a completely modular design, capable of adapting to the needs of a variety of installation types. The design on which the Daikin AHUs are based makes it possible to configure AHUs suitable for application in all market sectors, for example in hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, the process industry or the civil sector.
All units can be provided with accessories to provide a more comprehensive product and faster installation. These include sensors to measure temperature, humidity and air quality, inverter drives, regulation valves, damper actuators, safety and control devices.

  • 1100m3/hr – 124000m3/hr
  • Available in 27 fixed sizes
  • Energy efficient design
  • Modularly constructed to facilitate transport
  • Easy assembly on site
  • Plug and Play VRV

Fan Coil Units

We supply and install a full range of fancoil units including Hi Wall, Floor Standing, cassette and Ducted type units.

  • Our fancoil units are available in 2 pipe and 4 pipe configurations.
  • Wide operating range. Available cooling capacities range from 1.5Kw up to 10.8 KW.
  • Low sound power levels and electrical absorption
  • Removable Washable air filter.
  • Controllers range include wired, remote and simplified.
  • High Power Air Flow.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

We provide turnkey solution for your ventilation requirements. We design Install and commission ventilation systems.

Our HRV unit recovers heat energy lost through ventilation and maintains a comfortable and clean indoor environment without changes in room temperature. This also reduces the load on the air conditioning system and saves energy. In addition, the HRV interlocks with the air conditioning system and automatically switches over to ventilation mode when needed, further increasing the effects of energy conservation.

Integrated Controls

HRV can be integrated on the air conditioner remote control allowing total control over air conditioning and ventilation via a simple configuration.

DX Coil / Humidifier

The current line-up includes models with or without DX coil and/or humidifier. The DX coil helps to prevent the direct impact of cold airflow upon persons during the heating cycle and vice versa, the humidifier optimizes the balance between indoor and outdoor humidity.

EMC Case Study

Airflow services installed systems which provide heating and cooling to 158 different indoor units throughout the EMC facility. A large ventilation system was essential to the project and Airflow was was involved in the construction and balancing of this also.

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