in-roof & on-roof solar systems

Airflow Services Ltd can supply and install both in-roof and on-roof Daikin flatplate solar thermal systems. Evacuated tube can be sourced on request.

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The Daikin flat plate system offers two options:

  1. Standard pressurised system
  2. Vented Drain Back System

Standard pressurised system

solar-pressurisedThe Daikin Pressurised Solar system or any other pressurised solar system can be connected to the Daikin Altherma Low Temperature hot water cylinder using the Daikin Solar Heat Exchanger Kit. Alternatively a separate preheat cylinder can be connected to the solar which preheats the cold water supply to the Daikin hot water cylinder.

This would be the preferred option if space allows as the efficiency of the solar system is increased, making considerable more use of available solar energy in the autumn and spring.

Vented Drain Back System

solar-drainbackThe vented drain back system does not require anti freeze protection and is not subject to overheating as the water in the system drains back to the customised cylinder when solar energy is not available (in cold weather) and not required (when tank is hot in warm weather). The system however does require that a constant fall is maintained from the solar panels to the cylinder.

The cylinder incorporates a coil for connection to heat pump or boiler.

What to do to ensure maximum efficiency?


To ensure maximum efficiency, it is important to understand the various factors that influence performance and output, including the size and type of panels used, roof orientation and pitch plus the location of the property. Solar panels should ideally face south for optimum solar gain. However, they can still be effective if the roof is facing anywhere between east and west through south.

Important factors to consider

  • Annual solar radiation
  • Number of people in the home
  • Hot water usage patterns
  • Available roof area
  • Roof orientation and inclination
  • Overshading from trees or chimney

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