Cleanroom performance revalidation

Cleanrooms are designed to provide a controlled environment, prevent product contamination and protect operators. It is essential therefore that cleanroom performance is revalidated within set time periods to verify correct operation and where necessary make remedial adjustments.

Our revalidation engineers are certified by the Irish Cleanroom Society, highly experienced and proficient to carry out revalidation procedures which include:

  • Room Air Change Rates and Pressure Regimes
  • HEPA Filter integrity testing
  • Particle Count Testing
  • Room Recovery Testing
  • Temperature and Humidity Mapping
  • Noise and Light Measurements
  • Containment Booth Testing
  • Laminar Flow Booth Testing
  • Fume Hood Testing

All work is conducted in accordance with inhouse procedures and relevant codes and standards including ISO 14644 and IEST Guidelines. Instrumentation and equipment calibrated to high standard.

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