Each zone has time and temperature control and systems can be expanded where specified to cater for centralised control, phone control and web based control if required. Domestic hot water is always controlled independent of space heating to ensure domestic water heating can be provided without space heating.

Ultimate Control from Heatmiser

Controlling your heating system is very important for maximising both energy efficiency and comfort. There are a number of ways in which a heating system can be controlled depending on the type and size of heating system and budget available. We can offer a range of systems from simple 2 zone control (living/sleeping zones) to multiple zoning where each room is individually controlled and variations in between.

SmartPhone App

Wireless options

Dial, button and touchscreen

SmartPhone Control of your Heating System

Wireless kits and custom solutions

Wireless kits are also available for controls upgrade projects where wiring is not in place. Custom programmed PLC’s can be configured for more complex requirements where specified such as heat pump cascading where more than one unit is installed.

We can specify a customised solution for your particular project. For more information on our control systems please contact us we would be happy to specify and quote a suitable system to meet your requirements. See our Photo Gallery for examples of completed installations.

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