Air conditioning product range

We provide a vast range of Air Conditioning products to suit many applications, including:

  • Single Room Units
    Single Splits range from 2kW up to 16kW


  • Residential Multiple Rooms
    Multi MXS Units from 5kW to 16kW


  • Commercial Multiple Rooms
    Multi VRF Units from 16kW to 50kW.

Single Room Units

A split type (or paired) system can be installed in many different applications ranging from an office, apartment, shop, pharmacy and Comms Room. The heat pump system provides energy efficient heating & cooling to the area being served. There are many different configurations that can be used and the different types of indoor units can be seen below. Follow the Link to our catalogue on paired units systems.

Residential Multiple Rooms

A Multi system allows up to 9 indoor units to operate from a single outdoor unit, thereby reducing installation space and costs. All indoor units can be individually controlled and do not need to be installed at the same time – extra units (up to a maximum of 9) can be added later. Different types of indoor units — wall mounted, concealed ceiling, floor standing etc – in different capacities can be mixed together in Multi system applications. A single outdoor unit can heat up or cool down a complete house, office or small shop at different times.

Commercial Multiple Rooms

With Inverter technology and cutting-edge control technology for refrigerant, the VRV®III air conditioning system operates with outstanding efficiency. This contributes to high energy savings, which greatly reduces your running costs and facilitates better building management. Our VRV® systems include indoor and outdoor units available in a wide range of models for various building sizes and installation conditions. Long refrigerant piping lengths and other features put few restrictions on design for great flexibility in meeting needs of the building.

Flexible Configuration

Indoor Room units can be configured in many ways including:

  • Wall Mounted Units
  • Ceiling Cassette Units
  • Ceiling Suspended Units
  • Concealed Units
  • Floor Mounted Units

EMC Case Study

Airflow services installed systems which provide heating and cooling to 158 different indoor units throughout the EMC facility. A large ventilation system was essential to the project and Airflow was was involved in the construction and balancing of this also.

Click here to go to case study

Wall Mounted Units

      • Split & Multi configuration
      • Heat Pump System
      • Energy Label: Up to Class A
      • Optimum design for all places
      • Extremely quiet operation

Ceiling Cassette Units

      • Split & Multi configuration
      • Heat Pump System
      • Energy Label: Up to Class A
      • Seasonal Inverter technology
      • Roundflow 360° Air Discharge

Ceiling Suspended Units

      • Can be installed in new & existing buildings
      • Wider Air discharge thanks to coanda effect.
      • Air flow distribution for ceiling heights up to 3.8m without loss of capacity
      • Easily mounted in corners and and narrow spaces
      • Ideal solution for shops, restaurants or offices without false ceilings.

Concealed Units

      • Seasonal Inverter Technology
      • Capacities from 7.1 – 14kW
      • 1ph & 3ph power supply options
      • One way blow arrangement
      • Refrigerant pipework runs up to 75M

Floor Mounted Units

      • Full Range A class Energy Labels
      • Whisper Quiet Operation 19 dBA
      • Vertical auto swing ensures draught free operation
      • Night mode operation saves energy
      • Fits any interior

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