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Air to Air heat pumps are an extremely efficient and quick method to heat a house. They operate on the same principal as air to water heat pumps, but instead transfer heat to air which is circulated by a fan from the room, through a wall, floor or ceiling mounted heat exchanger and back into the room again. There are a vast selection of indoor unit configurations and system capacities available. The most popular type of indoor unit used in domestic applications is the high wall indoor unit.

Applications for air-to-air heat pumps

Small houses and Apartments

One outdoor to multiple indoors, each with individual time and temperature control.

Home Office

No need to run main heating system for one room during daytime. Therefore increasing efficiency of main heating system.


Can be used for full heating requirement or as a back up to existing system during winter.

Garage Conversion

Can be used for full heating requirement or as a back up to existing system during winter.

Attic Conversion

Alternative to upgrading existing boiler capacity.


Alternative to upgrading existing boiler capacity.

3x cheaper than electric storage heating

Up to 5 indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit thus providing time and temperature control to 5 different rooms using the one system. Performance of the system has been monitored and the system has been verified to operate 3 times cheaper than electric storage heating.

Features of air-to-air heat pumps:

      • One outdoor unit can be connected to multiple indoor units.
      • High efficiency Inverter technology as standard.
      • Air filter fitted for removal of air contaminants
      • Energy Label ‘A’ due to very high efficiency.
      • Night Setback mode for silent operation.
      • Individual time and temperature control on each indoor unit.
      • Variable fan speed and air directional control.
      • Dry System (no water) therefore no issues with leaks or freezing.
      • Easy installation compared to water heating systems.

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