Project Description


Date & Location:
Kane Building and Food Science Building, UCC, Cork

University College Cork has installed an ecocooler evapourator system to keep temperature sensitive areas at a reliable constant. They chose the ecocooler system as it hugely reduces the electricity consumed when compared with traditional air conditioning systems and lowers the carbon footprint also.

The Kane building has a network consisting of 4 wetbox ecocoolers which are mounted on the building’s roof. This dynamic setup is used to maintain an optimum temperature within a server room within the building at all times. The system uses a fraction of the running costs when compared with traditional air conditioning systems and reduces the carbon footprint by up to 96 tonnes of carbon per year.

University College Cork’s food science building also has a smaller system which uses just 1 discharge ecocooler to control the temperatures within a freezer room. The setup provides 3m3/s of airflow to cool the 30kW needed within the room. Like the previous network of ecocoolers this one also substantially reduces upkeep costs and helps reduce the buildings carbon footprint.