Project Description

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Services performed:
Design, preparation, installation and evaluation of an EcoCooling system to provide cooling to a server room.

An Ecocooling evaporative cooling system made up of 1 EcoCooler unit.

Date & Location:
August 2014, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Monex-schematicMonex financial services is a rapidly expanding killarney based enterprise in the financial data processing sector. The company, which handles information such as credit card transactions on an international scale, requires the integrity of its server room to be paramount.

The environment of such a facility must be maintained within the servers working parameters. Airflow services installed an EcoCooling evaporative cooling system with the EcoCooler unit mounted on the roof of the building.

The installation was discreet and required minimal alterations to the aesthetic of the building. The system ensures cooling to the businesses server room while also reducing upkeep costs and carbon footprint for the business when compared with more traditional methods of cooling. The system is simple in design and allows for dynamic cooling temperature control based on the requirements of the room.