Project Description

Date and location: Spring 2013 in Tralee, county Kerry

Equipment: 2 multi air-conditioning systems fitted throughout the facility

Ashe memorial hall is one of the most identifiable buildings in Kerry’s largest town. Built in 1925 and inspired by the life and actions of one of the heroes of the Easter Rising the building now is best known for being host to the Kerry county museum. The museum welcomes visitors, tourists and enthusiasts of many disciplines to view and study material such as items from archaeological finds, medieval possessions and items associated with Kerryborn icons Daniel O’Connell and Tom Crean.

In 2013 Airflow services was tasked with developing a system that cold air would be ubiquitous throughout the building. An installation of 2 multi systems took place providing fresh air at controlled temperatures to 59 indoor units around the early 20th century museum building, originally built for the purpose authority offices.

Ashe Hall