Low temperature radiators: a good alternative

Low temperature radiators can be used with heat pumps where underfloor heating is not an option for example on the first floor of a house with timber joists. Low temperature radiators incorporate a number of features which make them a more a efficient option for low temperature systems as opposed to conventional radiators.

The low temperature radiators also offer an attractive contemporary design and due to reduced heat loss of new homes, their size has also reduced by comparison.

Low water volume

Low water volume to facilitate quick system heat up and low inertia thus reducing the energy consumption of on/off cycles.

Thermal conductivity

Constructed of aluminium to increase thermal conductivity of heat thus reducing the required water temperature for a given surface temperature.

Thermal efficiency

The low temperature radiators have a large surface area due to finned design this maximises the thermal efficiency.

Sizing of radiators and heatloss calculations

We can size radiators to suit room area and heatloss specification. Wall hangers valves and temperature regulating valves also supplied. Please contact us with your project details and we would be happy to specify and quote suitable quantities sizes. See our Photo Gallery for examples of completed installations.

Why choose low temperature radiators?

      • A perfect combination with heat pumps
      • A great option when underfloor heating is not possible
      • Stylish design
      • Easy to install
      • Thermal efficient
      • Affordable

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