Daikin Altherma 3

A heatpump is an electrical device which absorbs energy from the one fluid (e.g. water , air) and uses that energy to heat another fluid such as (e.g. water or air).

The Daikin R32 Altherma 3 Low Temperature heat pump range is a leader in its field, having been the first heat pump to be awarded the European ECO Label for its compliance with strict ecological and performance criteria. It was also the first heat pump to be awarded the Quiet Mark for its low sound levels.

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High Energy Efficiency

Low temperature Heat Pumps are suited to operate with low temperature distribution systems like underfloor heating, low temperature radiators and fan coil units. The lower the output water temperature the more efficient their operation, therefore a lower running cost. The Daikin Altherma Low temperature heat pump range can achieve COP’s of up to 4.66 at A7W35. Water temperatures of 55°c can be achieved in space heating and 60 °c in domestic water.

A heat pump’s high efficiency is made possible by the vapour compression cycle, which uses a small amount of electricity to produce heat for your respective hot water and heating systems. A heat pump follows the same principles as your standard household refrigerator, but instead provides heating instead of cooling. The basic operation of a Heat Pump can be simplified as follows:

  1. Ambient air is drawn into the system via an outdoor fan unit which in turn causes a refrigerant within the system to boil.
  2. This refrigerant can boil at very low temperatures, which causes it to change state and turn into a vapour. This vapour is then compressed via an electrical compressor to further increase the temperature. (This is where the electrical cost of running your heat pump arises)
  3. The heat produced by this process is then transferred into the building’s hot water and heating systems.
  4. The refrigerant vapour is then passed through an expansion valve which cools the refrigerant causing it to return to liquid state. The cycle then repeats.


Different sizes and configurations

The Daikin Altherma Low Temperature heat pump range covers an array of capacities configurations and accessories to provide solutions to varying house types and sizes. Heating capacities range from 4 Kw to 16 Kw.

Daikin Altherma heat pumps have the following configuration options:

  • Monobloc system (Outdoor Unit only)
  • Hydro-Split system (Water-based between Indoor & Outdoor Units)
  • Refrigeration-Split system (Refrigeration-based between Indoor & Outdoor Units)

Monobloc system

The monobloc system combines all components in one ‘stand-alone’ outdoor unit so that the hot water pipes can be connected directly to the heating and hot water systems. There are 4 models available: 9kW, 11kW, 14kW and 16kW.Altherma 3 Monobloc

Hydro-Split system

The Hydro-Split system consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. This unit is similar to a monobloc as the pipework coming in from the outdoor unit is water-based. The main difference between a hydro-split and a monobloc unit is that there is also an indoor unit which has a built-in controller. The indoor unit is available in an integrated floor standing unit (180L or 230L built-in tank) or a wall hung unit option which allows you to install a third-party hot water cylinder. There are three sizes available: 11kW, 14kW and 16kW and are typically installed in new-build properties with a floor area greater than 200m2.11kW - 16kW Outdoor Unit

Refrigeration-Split system

The Refrigeration-Split system consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is smaller in size than the hydro-split system. Refrigerant rather than water is then piped to the indoor unit which is available as either a wall mounted unit or floor standing unit. There are 3 models available: 4kW, 6kW and 8kW and are typically installed in new-build properties with a floor area less than 200m2.Daikin-Altherma-3



Advantages of Heat Pumps

  • Reduced heating bills of up to 50%.
  • Renewable heating source.
  • SEAI grant aid of €3,500.00 available for property’s built before 2011.
  • Energy Security (No gas or oil connection required)
  • Improved BER rating.
  • Excellent solution for Part L Compliance in new buildings
  • No Carbon Monoxide emissions from heat pumps.
  • No flue required therefore flexibility in position of indoor unit.
  • Graduated bills via electrical provider as opposed to large one off oil bills.
  • 24/7 monitoring/control via smartphone app.
  • Reduced carbon emissions.

Heat pumps are extremely efficient to run in new-build properties and in well-insulated existing homes. The Government’s Climate Action Plan aims to have 600,000 heat pumps installed in Irish homes by 2030, with 400,000 of these in existing properties.

Client Testimonial

We are happy with the heating system overall. The system has operated economically and reliably since installed. We have a very comfortable environment in the house all year around as well as plenty of hot water. We are delighted with the low running cost especially given we have the house warm all the time and hot water on 24/7 as we have a young family. The system operated for under 1000 euro over 12 months, verified by the energy meters fitted by our installer. We would recommend the system to anyone and are delighted to have chosen a Daikin air to water heatpump for our heating needs.
Mr. & Mrs. Atalay


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