Efficient heat distribution

Heat Pump convectors or Fan Coil Units provide an efficient method of heat distribution for heat pumps as an alternative to underfloor heating as they can be operated at a lower temperature than conventional radiators. The Daikin range of Heat Pump Convectors are specifically designed to operate effectively with the Daikin heat pump as they incorporate a wired link to activate and deactivate the heatpump as demand requires thus minimising the operating time of the heat pump.

They are low noise (19 Dba) and have independent time and temperature control as well as fan speed control and 2-port valve built into each unit.

Energy efficient

Heat pump convectors can be operated at a lower temperature than conventional radiators.

Low noise

They are particularly suited to bedrooms as noise levels are very low.

Easy to install

Heat pump convectors are very easy to install.

Cooling option

They can also be operated in cooling mode where chilled water is available either from the Daikin Altherma Heatpump or from other cooling equipment.

Individual or included in overall heating system

We can supply heat pump convectors individually or as a package incorporated into an overall heating system.

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