How do I use the controller for my Daikin product?

A list of controllers and their operating manuals can be found on the Daikin website – click here to go to manuals air conditioning

Are air conditioning units bad for the environment?

Airflow services stopped installing R-22 refrigerant gas units in the early 2000’s and since then has been using gases such as R-410a, R-407c and R-134a which are all dramatically less harmful to the environment.

How do I know which heating/cooling unit is right for me?

Our recommendations are based on a number of factors. Contact us for more information.

Do I need another heating system if I install an air-to-water heat pump?

Our heat pumps can work with our without a secondary heating system within a home or facility.

How much on heating costs would a heat pump save me?

Contact us for a personalised quote and we will inform you on what you could be saving.

How would an air conditioning system benefit my business?

Air conditioning systems can maintain a constant temperature within your home when active. If your house gets too hot or cold in certain seasons or if humidity is a problem within your home then contacting us may be in your interest.

Are Airflow services audited?

We are audited once per year by ISO Quality Services Ltd. All of our customers can rest assured that the quality of our practices meet with the standards and guidelines of ISO 9001 : 2008 as well as BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007. there is more detailed information available on these standards Click here to find out more.

Is EcoCooling CREC (Computer Room Evaporative Cooler) suitable for all IT equipment?

Some older equipment such as main frame computers and paper media systems require control of relative humidity and so EcoCooling is not a suitable system for these IT equipments.

Do the pads clean the air?

The pads filter out large particles from the air that goes through the system such as dust and pollen. Insect screens are also fitted as standard.

Will the water in my EcoCooler freeze during the winter?

Water is drained from the EcoCooler systems either automatically or during the autumn maintenance depending on the EcoCooling system that is installed. This stops the risk of frost damaging the equipment.

Is the water recirculated?

The water is re-circulated until the evaporation has concentrated it to its scaling point or when the cooling is turned off and the cooler automatically drains. This means that the Ecocooler system is uses a minimum amount of water to operate.

Can one catch legionnaires’ disease from an Ecocooler?

You cant contract legionnaires’ disease from an Ecocooler. An EcoCooler has a rating of low risk (the same rating that is given to a hot and cold water supply system) with regards to this. A legionella risk assessment is part of the commissioning process.

How often do Ecocooler systems need to be maintained?

Ecocooler systems should go through a maintenance check at a minimum of once every 6 months.

What temperatures can be expected from using an Ecocooling system?

Even at the highest recorded temperatures in Ireland an Ecocooler system should not exceed 23 degrees C.

What is the best heating system to work with an air-to-water heat pump?

Underfloor heating is an ideal system to work alongside an air-to-water heat pump. This is due to the temperatures that an interior is supplied with by such a system. An underfloor heating network will usually operate at around 40oC, this is an optimum temperature for an air-to-water heat pump to deliver energy at. Heat pumps can also generate heat for Aluminium radiators but standard radiators which operate at temperatures between 60oC and 70oC are not suitable for an air-to-water heat pump to provide thermal energy for.

How often do the air-to-water heat pumps need to have a maintenance performed?

The system will need to be checked once per year.

Do heat pumps work in Ireland? Will they provide heat during the winter?

Heat pumps are efficient in Ireland at all times of the year. Even rapid changes to the weather and outside temperature have little to no effect on the heat generated.

Why doesn’t everyone have a heat pump?

The concept behind heat pumps still seems to confuse people. The fact that you can transfer heat from a cold outside environment to heat an interior space does not make sense to people initially.

Why don’t heat pumps release much CO2?

Heat pumps are a low energy system of heating an area. As less energy is being consumed less CO2 gas is being released.

How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps harness the thermal energy that is provided by the sun. This energy is stored by different matter on earth including the water in the sea, the ground underneath us and the air around us. This heat is released slowly from one material to another. Heat pumps are able to take this thermal energy from their surroundings, absorbing it and delivering it to a desired internal space. This system works no matter the time of day or the season and is efficient even in countries such as Ireland.

Where can I get the app for my iPhone/Android?

The heatmiser iPhone app is available from the AppStore. The Android app is available from the Google Play Store. Both of these apps are free.

What do I need to control my heating?

You need the heatmiser iPhone/Android/Web app, a WiFi router with port forwarding facility (standard on most routers) and a fixed IP from your internet supplier. You will also need to use a service called DynDNS.