Airflow Services for Building Supervisor / Manager

Airflow Services Ltd can provide a broad range of products and services to assist those in charge of building services and maintenance. Given our range of product knowledge and the associated access to parts and software we have a distinct advantage in the area of maintenance, trouble shooting and cost effective repair of a wide range of air conditioning products. We are F-Gas certified and therefore approved to work with refrigerant gas. Click here for more information on F-Gas certification. 

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Let Airflow Services Ltd assist you with some or all aspects of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning on your projects. With a vast array of products and a seamless suite of services, we can assist you in many areas such as:

Maintenance and Repairs to HVAC Equipment
Supply & Install of HVAC equipment
Supply & Install of Renewable Energy Equipment
Replacement parts
Trouble Shooting
Testing and Monitoring Equipment
Performance Surveys

Plant Optimisation Surveys
R22 System Replacement
Call-Out Service
Air and Water Balancing
Commissioning Cleanroom Environments
Revalidation of Cleanroom Environments

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We are fully insured, and have stringent Health and Safety procedures and documentation in line with current requirements.

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