Project Description


Services performed:
Design, preparation, installation and evaluation of an EcoCooling system to provide cooling to a server room and an IT room.

Two Ecocooling evaporative cooling systems made up of 3 EcoCooler units and 1 EcoCooler unit.

Date & Location:
September 2013

Trend Micro schematicTrend Micro is an Asian based global leader in software security. The company has offices on the western edge of Cork city which serves as the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) HQ of the company.

The site contains server rooms and working space for its 250 employees. Airflow services was tasked with introducing 2 different cooling systems for areas within the facility on the model farm road. EcoCooler was the ideal system for trend micro’s cork branch.

Trend-Micro-schematic2One system required 30 Kw of cooling to permit the required environment that their large server room demands. The second system requiring 20Kw needed to provide clean, fresh, cold air to one of their IT rooms. Previously the room which was often too warm due to surrounding server rooms and during working hours is occupied by IT staff of the software company required comfortable working conditions to be delivered through the cooling system. The EcoCooling systems installed allowed an effective eco friendly design that had low upkeep costs and controlled conditions such as temperature and humidity for the environmental needs of both the servers and the IT staff.